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Irene Nicola presents: Revenge

Irene Nicola, cabaret performer and human woman, has had it up to here. Tired of answering a barrage of questions, such as: “Has she found a real job yet? Will she bail out her family, again? What even is a gender gap, and by the way, how long until she will have children? Tick tock!” Combined with the pressures of being judged constantly for the responses she provides, she has come up with the perfect solution. Revenge.A sassy takedown of gender politics, the patriarchy, the arts industry - even her husband! - no one is safe from this sweet yet sultry burlesque musical comedienne. Part feminist essay, part manifesto, with all original soundtrack, prepare for striptease tinged with smarm, self-destructive singing, and sharp, subversive stand-up. You want some salt to go with your vinegar? Done. It’s Revenge. She’s coming for you.

"Fun, cerebral, sexy" - Acting Factory.

Warnings: Strong Language, Nudity.