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It's our one year anniversary.

A whole year of us!

And a whole year of Mixtape.

So let's do it all again shall we? 



Clarissa Mei is a 21 year old songwriter and producer, born and raised in Western Sydney, Australia.

She began playing gigs in her local community from a young age, her style always sitting predominantly within soul and Rnb, her trills and vocal technique soaring beyond her acoustic-based instrumental. Now, Clarissa is excited to continue her own production and new electronic-based sounds.\


Tru' is the newest project by vocalist & producer, Sara Tamim. Sara has performed at events hosted by THE PLOT/Cattleyard & The Art Gallery of New South Wales as well as alongside producers and musicians such as Rainbow Chan, Jake Howden and Bec Sandridge.

Hailing from Western Sydney, she was lucky to be included in the 'All Girl Electronic' program which saw her improve her skills with mentors such as Kücka, Rainbow Chan, Sarah Belkner, Antonia Gauci, Lupa J, Hannah Lockwood and many more.


Not content living in just one genre, Blue Mountains duo Deepsea Lights dip their toes (and sometimes plunge their heads) into anything that inspires them. Lying somewhere between folk and trip-hop, their unique sound can move from rolling bass lines and ethereal vocal melodies, to beats composed entirely of household objects being struck with other household objects, to aggressive hip-hop rants, to soft rainy day folk songs. Stitching their inspirations together like a sonic patchwork quilt, they'll use whatever they can get their hands on in an effort to get things out of their heads and into the world.


Papa Fire aka D.A. Carter is a musician & lyricist who’s toured globally on streets and stages from Berlin to Burning Man.

Papa Fire performs a musical smorgasbord of interactive music made-to-order with a microphone, guitar & loop machines.

See you soon lovers


Later Event: October 17