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36 Midnight Tea Party, 21 Mar 2018_Noni Carroll Photography- - Midnight Tea Party.jpg

Midnight Tea Party, is a 5 piece band hailing from Sydney’s Inner West. Gypsy, jazz, reggae and drum n’ bass are all blended together to form the band’s unique sound. Cutting it's teeth on warehouse parties as well as numerous festivals MTP delivers a high energy live set that is packed with party vibes.

Known for their genre bending compositions Midnight Tea Party’s third E.P. due for release in late 2018 promises to be the group’s most exciting release to date. Expect deep, sub bass mixed with Balkan inspired horn lines and a hard-rock edge reminiscent of Balkan Beat Box and Gypsy Hill.

Come and see why they have been dubbed "the mad hatters of revelry"!!

Earlier Event: December 7
Later Event: December 9