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Ben Camden "This is Yours" EP Launch w/ Nick Murray

Ben Camden’s long awaited EP ’This Is Yours’ will be released digitally and physically on the 1st of June, with an official EP launch at Sydney’s The Newsagency (Marrickville).


‘This Is Yours’ is a mix of slow, clean blues, upbeat guitar hooks and a very slight hint of country, with those deep baritone vocals that Ben is well known for. The EP was recorded entirely at sea, off the East Coast of Australia, and was produced by Ben’s close friend and fellow musician Mike Barnes. Each song has been arranged to effortlessly translate to a stripped back live sound, reminiscent of the solo shows of Neil Young and James Taylor. 


The first single from the EP, ‘Not In Vain’, has already received significant airplay nationwide through community radio, and plans to take the EP on the road are already under way.