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Hey there,

I thought I’d make you a mixtape of my favourite bands – you know how people used to do that? I don’t know if you know, but it means that I kind of like you. Anyway, this is what I’ve been listening to recently. They are all Sydney artists, maybe you’ve heard of them? If not I think you’re really going to dig them. And what’s more they are all playing at The Newsagency on Sep 9. It’s a cool venue that just reopened and I’d love to go with you. If that’s something you would be into? I hope you like the tape.


SPARROWS is the Indie Pop project of Jessica Nitties, who records and produces all of the music from found sounds to analog synths from her bedroom studio in Sydney. An eclectic mix of electronic and acoustic textures, her songs are delicately-crafted sonic stories. With diverse influences from The Knife to Brian Wilson, Sparrows loves to play with sound and narrative. Fuelled by material from dreams, eavesdropped sounds to graffiti of public toilet doors, she works to weave these ideas into her pop gems.



DEEPSEA LIGHTS are Sydney trip hop duo dipping their toes (and sometimes plunging their heads) into anything that inspires them. Lying somewhere between folk and trip-hop, their unique sound can move from rolling bass lines and ethereal vocal melodies, to beats composed entirely of household objects being struck with other household objects, to aggressive hip-hop rants, to soft rainy day folk songs. Stitching their inspirations together like a sonic patchwork quilt, they'll use whatever they can get their hands on in an effort to get things out of their heads and into the world.

 PATCHES is a plunder-phonic beat maker that transports you to new realms. Creating enveloping soundscapes with his modular synth, and live sets that are a genre and mind bending experience.
Patches is a multimedia artist, composing for films and video games as well as creative programming for interactive performances and installations.

SILENT TOWNS is a collaborative project led by poet Peter Roads and musician Alicia May. They make the heart sing and the soul soar with words and sounds.