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Burden Man w/ Jonathan Carpp

“Beneath the facade of the light, the darkness stays."

Welcome to the soundtrack of the inevitable. Coming from the frightening thoughts you have at 11pm just before you fall asleep and start contemplating what oblivion would in fact mean for your conscious mind, Burden Man will be the comforting hand you hold as you journey through the darkest places of your own mind. Drawing influence from the despair of the human condition he, with his guitar and lone voice, will be your sherpa through the icy plains of desolation that are the depression you attempt to stifle with alcohol and frivolous vices.

Supporting Burden Man is his virtuosic, emotional counterpoint, Jonathan Carpp. Following a theme of loss, regret and drawing influence from the varying interactions we as humans share with each other. His message is delivered through his complex guitar work and soaring vocals.