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Mamapalooza Music Night

Mamapalooza - Celebrating Mothers in the Arts:


Fabels is a Sydney based duo who play original experimental progressive songs with beautiful harmonies and dynamic guitar arrangements. Ben Aylward: Guitar, Drum machine and vocals. Hiske Weijers, Bass, Keys, loops and vocals.

Formed late 2010, the band has toured extensively throughout Australia and twice to Europe. The band’s first album was release in July 2012. The last single was ‘Liege Montreal’. The next album will be released in June 2016. Influeneces: Sigur Ros, Krautrock, Swans, Sonic Youth, Blonde Redhead, Velvet Underground., www.facebook,com/fabelsmusic/




Dirty Slutz got together when Tilly, the daughter of a well known Canberra politician, met Sky and Renee while buying sliced bread at the shops. Sky was also the daughter of a popular politician and was herself head of the Ladies Scumbling Guild, she had come to the shops to buy Cheese Whiz. Renee was at the shops to buy a chop. Her father was the prime minister. Renee invited the girls to join her church singing group. Tilly and Sky said yes.

Then they found a bass guitar and drums leaning strangely against a van left idling outside the local youth centre. They could not play these instruments however, they took them home and gave them a good polish and they all looked very nice.


“Awful Awful music for dunces” Alun Jones



Ana Key are presenting songs from their ‘Famous in my Kitchen’ album including ‘Tell Your Wife’ and ‘Media Lies’. The originals band is Vee Malnar: songwriter and vocals, Annbrita Nilsson: keys and vocals, Asha Aeon: percussion, and Emily Weare: Bass. They unashamedly use backing tracks to give the audience a true album experience whilst waiting for their destinies to collide with more awesome players to join the band. The show is always evolving.

Ana Key has four albums of music produced by Davis Jade Sparx. The song Breath on Famous in My Kitchen won second prize in the Clubjumpers song contest, 2015.




Solo Sydney musician Astrid Zeman creates lush, ambient soundscapes using a loop pedal, guitar, keyboard and voice. Starting with simple riffs and repetitive patterns, complex structures gradually build and swell into choral waves, buoying wistful melodies. By plucking, tapping, scratching, strumming, knocking and singing into resonant cavities, Astrid manipulates each instrument in multiple ways to extract its full range of frequencies and textures. Layering melodies over rhythms and harmonies over harmonics, she infuses her soprano tones into richly layered strings and beats. In 2015, her music featured on Listen Record’s debut compilation album of all Australian female and LGBTQIA+ artists. Astrid’s performances are all created live with nothing pre-recorded, making her looping tracks visually as well as aurally engaging.