L-R: Alison Avron [Owner/Director], Monique Orton [Venue Manager/Tech Director]  Photo Credit: Lyn Taylor

L-R: Alison Avron [Owner/Director], Monique Orton [Venue Manager/Tech Director]

Photo Credit: Lyn Taylor


It all started in 2011...

when founder, Alison Avron - a singer/songwriter in her own right - converted an ex-newsagent in Marrickville into a venue while trying to find a suitable space to release her debut EP.  Finding none suited for a new artist,  she embraced the challenge and her vocal teaching studio became, The Newsagency. The venue quickly evolved into a place dedicated to showcasing Australian independent artists in a comfortable listening environment. It has played host to such artists as Marlon Williams, NGAIIRE , All Our Exes Live in Texas and Brendan Maclean.

Fast forward to 2016...

The Newsagency, in it’s 5th year, was one of 54 businesses around the country to be awarded a much needed share in the AMP Foundation’s Tomorrow Fund to upgrade the venue.

However, the landlord didn’t want a piece of it and so, The Newsagency as we had all grown to know and love was forced to close it’s doors.

But there’s a happy ending!

Thanks to the Inner West Council and some legend landlords, we found a new home in Camperdown which boasts the same feel as the “old place” just… bigger!

We continue to be a team of live music tragics who are passionate about providing a comfortable and inclusive space for our local community of independent performers and patrons.

Long live Sydney’s music scene!

* * * *

We are always looking for people to work for us as FOH, Bar & Sound/Lighting Tech staff. We also don’t mind if you want to support us in other ways like donations of money or weird knick knacks.

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