YES, We have an open mic night and it's great

After a last minute Friday night cancellation in January, we decided to fill it’s place with an open mic.

Ali had hosted an open mic night at The Vic on the Park between 2013 - 2015. It was a great opportunity but it did bring about reservations to ever do one again. It was a hit and miss experience either packed full of great artists or cringe-worthy performers who probably should’ve kept their singing to the shower.

Poster for Alison Avron’s Songwriter Night at The Vic hosted between 2013 & 2015

Poster for Alison Avron’s Songwriter Night at The Vic hosted between 2013 & 2015

Despite Ali’s trepidation, we went ahead with it. The night only had 10 people attend but because it was such a beautiful vibe, (legitamately, no one was shit!) we decided to host another one in February.

We committed to keeping it on a Friday night. Most other open mic nights are hosted on a week night but we thought, why not put it on a Friday night? We’re a venue that prides itself on supporting emerging artists, we should dedicate a a night that people want to and can go out to after a working week so artists can “show us what they’ve got” and actually have a chance of performing to a captive audience.

We decided to get people to register to perform. We ended up having over 70 people attend either performing or watching. It was incredible to see so many people came to play, listen and foster the community we are trying to create at the venue.

We put our March Open Mic Night up to register the following Monday, and within 3 days, 30 artists had registered to perform.

Suffice to say, we’re definitely going to keep doing this and look forward to how it evolves.

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A HUGE thank you to Nikki Karina for photographing our February Open Mic Night .

Alison Avron